Lance R. Kraemer Associates, PC strives to be responsive to the needs of the client as well as the environment, and has a LEED certified AP on staff. The firm responds to and endeavors to integrate the concerns of good site design, sensitive and appropriate building design and function, current technology, and a realistic budget in order to aid its clients in translating concept into reality.


Our services begin with a free initial consultation to discuss our client’s goals and the scope of the project. This also gives us the opportunity to interact with the potential client and explain the entire design and construction process and the services that we offer. This will also permit us to prepare a realistic and cost effective proposal for the necessary services, including our consulting engineers, if required.

Should the project be a renovation or addition, we will field measure the existing site and building and prepare background drawings and a 3 dimensional computer model for use in the design phase. For a new building we will move directly into the design. Through our explorations on our client’s behalf and ongoing interaction and meetings with our client, we will develop schematic designs for their review. At the point where the design meets with our client’s approval, we generally prepare preliminary construction drawings for budget pricing with contractors of either the client’s selection or suggested by us.

When the design and the budget are satisfactory to our client, we then prepare construction drawings and specifications for final pricing and building permits. This phase will also include the work of our consulting engineers as needed.

Should the project require zoning or land development approval, we will coordinate with the appropriate governing body and prepare drawings and renderings for submission. We will coordinate with the client (and their zoning attorney) and the aid in making the presentations to the various neighborhood association, zoning board, planning commission, committees, etc.

During construction we can be available to review a variety of items, including the work in progress, shop drawings, material submissions, and the contractor’s application for payment. At the appropriate time we can also certify substantial completion of the work and prepare a final punch list to close out the project.